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Notes received from customers:



We wanted you to know that your musical talent is a great blessing to this family.   It is thoroughly enjoyable
to listen to the soothing and classical music . . . . .  so smooth and gentle on the ears, heart and mind!    We
are grateful to you for sharing this blessing with the public.    
Ashokan Fairwell is especially precious to us as we live just a few miles from the lovely site of the old mountain
village of Ashokan, here in the Catskill Mountains.  
Your beautiful rendition brings tears to our eyes, as we hear the nostalgic and unforgettable melody.                 
                                                                                                              In Appreciation,  the Martin family



Hailey, I found you on the internet and think your music is so beautiful.  I will be using your CD for my daughter's wedding.  We live in Texas . . . Too far away to have you here in person.  Because of Him.  Phyllis



Hailey,  I received your CD last week.  I love it!  I use it as backgound music for my school and quiet time.  God has blessed you with a wonderful gift.  I hope to see more CDs in the future.  Kim.




Hailey, I am out of CDs - I gave away all six - and now I need at least three more.  I think this is the most beautiful, spiritual, relaxing, and peaceful CD I have ever listened to . . . and I have lots of those types of CDs.  Mary Ellen.



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