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Hailey Smith, Northeast GA Harpist, Hall County GA Harpist, Jackson County GA Harpist, Jefferson GA Harpist, Gainesville GA Harpist, Hailey Ann Smith |


Hailey Ann Smith, Harpist



Northeast GA, Atlanta, and Metro-Atlanta area



 Hailey is a gifted harpist with a strong desire to play for the glory of God.  She feels that God has given her this special gift and the desire to play for him.  She was just four years old when she asked her parents to let her learn how to play the harp. 



She feels blessed to have played the harp for churches, conferences, weddings, graduations, ladies tea and Christmas parties, and has been featured in solos at several symphony orchestra concerts.





Please enjoy the music and contact us if you are interested in purchasing a CD or scheduling a special event.




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